• AIG and Remote Learning 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Will my AIG student still receive AIG services in remote learning?  Yes. Your AIG identified student will receive differentiated instruction in the area of giftedness. This instruction will be taught either by an AIG certified classroom teacher or the AIG lead facilitator for school will co-teach with the classroom teacher.


    • I am interested in referring my student for possible placement in the AIG program. Will AIG placement and testing still be available during remote learning? Yes. A student can still be referred for possible placement in the AIG program by teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, or his/herself during remote learning. Meetings to discuss a student's possible referral can be conducted virtually, by phone, or face-to-face (proper social distancing and face coverings are required) with the lead AIG facilitator of the school. Students in need of testing will be tested at the central office at an agreed upon time with parents. Students will be tested one on one to ensure proper social distancing and face coverings will be required for the duration of testing. Most testing lasts 1-2.5 hours.


    • My student participated in AIG enrichment last school year, will this take place during remote learning? It depends. Some enrichment may occur during the hours of 1-3, when formal instruction for the day has ended. These virtual enrichment activities may take the form of book clubs, quiz teams, passion project groups etc through the google meet environment. However, face to face enrichment activities at the school building will be postponed until the district approves these events.


    • My student is a 3rd grader this year and did not get tested with the CoGAT as a second grader in the spring. When will he be tested?  If schools are open for face to face instruction, all 3rd grade students will take the CoGAT test in early November for possible AIG placement referrals.