• SCOTS Academic Standards and Policies

    Entrance Requirements: All students must demonstrate the necessary course pre-requisites in order to ensure the appropriate academic placement and to access advanced placement courses. A copy of the DNPE homeschool card, and/or a transcript is required when enrolling from a homeschool. Students must have a history of good attendance, no discipline problems, and be on grade level at the time of enrollment. Furthermore, it is expected that the student has his/her own email address, and that interested families have systems in place to ensure student support.

    Application Process & Deadline: Interested families will complete the on-line application, including ALL items on the Application Checklist. Once all items are received, you will be contacted for a registration appointment. Only complete enrollment packets will be considered.

    The enrollment deadline is the 10ᵗʰ day of school in each semester. Students enrolling after the first day of class are expected to make-up all assignments that were missed before enrollment. If approved to attend the SCOTS, students must maintain passing grades. Failure to do so will result in a transfer back to your school of residence at the end of the semester.

    Internet Access: Since courses through NCVPS and SCS Virtual are all on-line, students will need to have access to the internet. Access can be from home, local library, at SCOTS, etc. Laptops are available for students to use at home for a non-refundable annual technology usage fee.

    Academic Standards: In order to provide a learning environment free of harassment, negative attitudes, and offensive actions, students admitted to SCOTS are expected to comply with all rules and policies listed in the SCS Student Code of Conduct located available on the SCS web-page.

    Academic Failure: The program coordinator reserves the right to require students to be in attendance at the SCOTS Center if the student is not making adequate academic progress. If a student fails an End of Course Exam (Biology, English II, or Math I) he/she will not be permitted to register for the same class again through SCOTS.

    Academic Dishonesty: Academic dishonesty in online classes will not be tolerated. Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty shall be subject to grade penalties on assignments or tests and disciplinary penalties in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Academic dishonesty includes cheating or copying the work of another student, plagiarism, and unauthorized communication between students during an examination. The determination that a student has engaged in academic dishonesty shall be based on the judgment of the online teacher or another supervising professional employee, taking into consideration written materials, observation, and/or information from students. Teachers will refer incidents of academic dishonesty to the SCOTS administration.

    Clubs/Athletics: Students must enroll in a minimum at least 50% of the school day, and a total of 3 courses to be eligible to participate in clubs/high school athletics. The remaining courses may be a combination of home school courses (from a Registered Home School through the Division of Non-Public Education) and/or courses taught at the public high school in your district of residence.

    Attendance: Students are required to attend an orientation the first week of school to ensure they understand how to log-in and navigate through their classes. Daily attendance is not required, unless a student is failing one or more of their on-line classes. Students are expected to sign in and complete assignments daily. The estimated time for each class is 1 to 1 ½ hours per day. This is monitored by the on-line teacher, the Distance Learning Advisor, the Counselor, and the program coordinator.

    Additionally, students who are enrolled in courses that require a state/local exam, such as an AP Exam or End of Course Exam (Math I, English II, and Biology), End of Grade Test, or Career and Technical Post Assessment Exam, will need to take the exam in person at the end of the semester/year. Students and parents are also required to attend an open house at the beginning of each school year. Students are required to take ALL State Tests.

    Dual Enrollment: Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 courses through SCOTS (NCVPS or SCS Virtual to be considered a full-time student. The remaining courses may be a combination of home school courses (from a Registered Home School through the Division of Non-Public Education) or private school.

    Curriculum: SCOTS students may take courses online, from anywhere, through the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS) and SCS Virtual. Though NCVPS offers a number of the traditional courses, it does not offer every elective, core course, or level (academic/honors/advanced placement). Students may also qualify to take Career and College Promise classes from Richmond Community College.

    Middle School Students: Academically advanced middle school students are welcome to enroll in high school courses offered through NCVPS, provided that their home school approves. These courses will be for high school credit.

    Graduation: Students have the choice to graduate from their NC Registered Home School Program, or from their traditional Scotland County High School based on attendance area. Students who choose to graduate from Scotland County Schools must meet all state and local graduation requirements. Students must declare their intent by January 1ˢᵗ of their graduation year. The prospective graduate is responsible for providing records of all previously completed high school course work in the form of an official transcript.