• SCOTS Academic Requirements

    Student Requirements for Success: The following are some of the qualities students need to possess in order to be a successful on-line student.

    • Self-Motivated.
    • Works well independently and stays on task.
    • Excellent time management skills.
    • Asks for help when it is needed, not when it is too late to turn things around.
    • Engaged in computer-based media.
    • Turn assignments in on time.
    • Follows through on requests from teachers and parents.
    • Good basic computer skills (email, web navigation, word processing).
    • Have support at home and a quiet place to complete work.
    • Has transportation if academic support is needed.

    Parent Requirements for Success:

    • Provide a quiet place for your child to work, which is free from distractions.
    • Develop a daily schedule for school work, and make it a priority.
    • Make sure your child has the tools necessary for academic success (supplies, internet, etc.) Monitor academic progress in each course, and ask for assistance if needed.
    • Remain positive, show interest, make yourself available, and be supportive.
    • Have daily conversations with your child. Provide any required academic tools (ex. Headphones with microphone, graphing calculator, notebook and paper for working with tutor, etc.).
    • Watch for changes in mood, negative feelings about oneself, and frustration. These may be signs of stress and/or failure.
    • Ask for assistance if needed.