Peer Mediation
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    Peer Mediation is a program designed to help students resolve conflicts (problems with other people). Students are trained as Peer Leaders to help students come to agreements and move forward in a peaceful manner when they have a problem with another person. 


    Peer Mediation Video  

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    What are the benefits?

    1. Peer Mediation is confidential, which means Peer Leaders are not allowed to discuss the details of your issues with anyone else except for the supervising adult of the program, Ms. Tavera. 
    2. Peer Mediation is effective. When everyone follows the ground rules of peer mediation, there is a win/win outcome. 
    3. Peer Mediation is optional. Nobody is ever forced into participating, so it is unlikely that someone will volunteer a solution or agreement that they will not follow. 
    4. Peer Leaders are neutral. They are trained to not pick sides and make sure that everyone's voice is heard and valued equally.


    How does a Mediation session work?

    Step 1: Once a request is made, a Peer Leader will contact all parties involved to ensure that they agree to participate in mediation. 

    Step 2: Disputants are escorted to the Media Center by a Peer Leader during their appointed time, which could fall on Monday-Thursday, from 10:20-10:45. Sessions will not necessarily take this entire time. 

    Step 3: Once in the library, Peer Leaders will review the basics of the conflict and review ground rules for mediation. Then they will listen to each person's side of the story and help the students reach an agreement 

    Step 4: Each party will sign the agreement and then fill out a brief survey afterwards to let us know how the process went.