Secondary Education
  • Purpose
    Scotland County Schools’ Secondary Education comprises the formal education that occurs during adolescence (grades 6-12).  The purpose of the department is to provide meaningful and engaging instruction that is relevant to student needs and to prepare students for college and/or to train students for a career. Secondary Education also serves as a link between the elementary and higher education by providing rigorous instructional programs for all students that are aligned to local, state and national standards. We seek to continue with instructional improvement and quality by developing administrative capacity through continuous training and orientation as a means to support teaching and learning.

    Engaging and preparing all students to become college and career ready. “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”


    • Meet the needs of the "whole child" (mental, physical and social) in a safe and orderly environment. 
    • Read with comprehension, write and communicate effectively in a variety of ways and settings regardless of audience. 
    • Think analytically, logically and creatively and to integrate technology literacy and fluency. 
    • Understand the importance of work and finances and how performance, effort and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.