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It is getting time to start making plans for Prom

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  • We will again welcome SEarCH to join us at our Junior-Senior Prom this year! We are so excited to have them once again and we look forward to an evening of glitz, elegance and fun!
  • Any second-semester Junior or Senior in “good standing” is eligible to attend the prom :
  • NO Freshmen are allowed at Prom, even if invited by a Junior or Senior.
  • Sophomores may attend ONLY IF invited by a Junior or Senior.
  • Good standing means that you/your guest have good behavior at school and in the community
  • A student is not eligible to attend if he or she is suspended from school on or after Wednesday, February 13th. This means: No OSS after February 13th 2019 and No ISS after March 13th 2019
  • In order to purchase a ticket, all debts [Chromebook fees, Textbook fees, Club fees, Sports fees (uniforms) etc.] must be paid.
  • Only 11th and 12th grade students can buy tickets.
  • Each Junior or Senior may invite one eligible guest. SHS administration will approve all prom “goers”.