Plan A: Parent Survey

Parents & Guardians,

Beginning on Monday, April 12, students will have the opportunity to continue or return to face-to-face instruction 4 days each week. In-person learning will take place Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00-2:30. Wednesday will remain a virtual learning day for all students. Students who opt to remain virtual will attend all scheduled classes and participate in instruction during the same hours: 8:00-2:30.

All parents will need to complete the survey below for each student even if you are not changing your preference.  Please Note: Parents who select Virtual Learning must remain in Virtual Learning for the remainder of this school year. Parents who select Face-to-Face Learning may participate in Face-to-Face Learning for the remainder of the school year OR switch one time and go to Virtual Learning for the remainder of the school year. Please complete the survey by Wednesday, March 31st.  


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