Our School
  • Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles

    Vision Statement
    We at Wagram Elementary School will strive to develop and nuture well-rounded, diverse, lifelong learners that are culturally, socially and emotionally sensitive global citizens.

    Mission Statement 
    It is the mission of Wagram Elementary School to provide academic instruction and support to enable students to be self-motivated and self-confident. We promise to:

    • Prepare leaders for tomorrow.
    • Guide, motivate and encourage students to be accountable.
    • Ensure all needs are met in a safe, nurturing environment.
    • Forge partnerships with families and the community.

    Guiding Principles

    • Our children are the only reason we are here; all decisions will be made with their best interests in mind.
    • A great place for staff members to work is a great place for students to go to school.
    • The ability to read is the single most important academic skill for all students.
    • Math, social studies, science, etc. are all affected and enhanced by reading.
    • Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all.