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    Mission Statement:  The SEarCH Counseling Department will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to create a stable, safe learning environment for all.

    SEarCH Comprehensive School Counseling Program Goals:

    • Academic Development:  The Counseling Department partners with and supports students, staff and caregivers by removing barriers to learning.
    • Career Development:  The Counseling Department encourages students to discover their interests, strengths, and challenges to becoming career ready.
    • Social/Emotional Development:  The Counseling Department maintains a sense of safety and encourages perseverance in times of adversity. 
    • Community Involvement:  The Counseling Department partners with students, staff, caregivers, and community members to encourage outreach and positive social change.

    Service Delivery:  Curriculum and instruction; individual student planning; responsive services; system support and collaboration; student advocacy