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  • Supply List

    2018-19 Scotland County Schools Elementary Supply List

    As we are sure that you are aware, we are implementing the requirement that if a student chooses to take a bookbag to school this year, it must be the clear plastic kind. We know that there are a lot of questions about what will be allowed and what will not, so please review the FAQs below. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message, ask your principal, or you can also call the district office as well.

    Do the clear bookbags apply to all students, even Pre-K and SEarCH?
    Yes. All SCS students, if they choose to bring a bookbag, must comply with the clear bookbag rule.


    Will students be allowed to bring regular lunch boxes?
    Yes. Regular lunch boxes or lunch bags will still be allowed.

    Are pocketbooks/purses still allowed?
    Yes. But not the oversized type. (We will be offering more clarification in so far as specific size limitations soon.)

    Can students put pencil pouches and/or cosmetic bags for personal hygiene products in their bookbags?
    Yes. They are still allowed.

    Can the bookbags be tinted or do they have to be clear?
    The bookbags must be transparent/clear in nature and cannot be made of the colored plastic.

    Can students put stickers on the bag to that they are more easily identifiable?
    No. We will provide each student with a luggage type tag that they can attach to their bookbag. These will be given out during open house and on the first day of school. They can put a sticker on the luggage tag if they so choose. Also, no embroidery will be allowed on the bookbags as well.

    What about mesh bags or how will students need to bring items to school for sports practices or games?
    White or light grey mesh bags will be allowed so that students can bring a change of clothes for PE and/or a uniform to practice or play an after school sport. Parents/guardians have the options to purchase a white or light grey mesh bag, but coaches will also provide each student-athlete with a bag.

    When and where locally will clear bookbags be available?
    There are a few in town at some of the local retailers but Walmart will have a shipment of over 2,000 in before the end of next week. The retail price will be $9.88 (plus tax). They will order more if needed and parents/guardians can always order online if they choose. Again, bookbags are not required; they are an optional school supply.


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