SJE Principal

  • Greetings, Gator Parents and Partners!

    I am honored and excited to serve as Principal to 676 future leaders! This is my 22nd year in education; I have also served as a Teacher and Administrator at the middle and high school levels but I've found unprecedented joy at the elementary school level with the babies! They make me smile and make me proud every single day as I observe them in their learning communities using and discovering their gifts.

    We understand how critical it is to build a strong elementary school foundation for our students. With that in mind, we have committed to the following priority goals:

    • We will establish positive, productive learning environments.
    • We will focus on Grade Level Proficiency and College and Career Readiness.
    • We will remove all barriers to learning and provide academic and behavior interventions as needed.
    • We will develop positive and productive relationships with all stakeholders for the benefit of our students.

    The task is great but THE MISSION IS POSSIBLE!!! Please partner with us as we strive to make South Johnson a place where dreams begin!

    Yours in Education,

    Latonya McLean, Principal