• Happy Tailgating


    We welcome you to Pate Stadium and hope that you enjoy the game. In order to enjoy your tailgating experience, Scotland High School requests that fans adhere to the following regulations.


    Prohibited items/actions: 

    • Overnight Parking is not allowed. 

    • Open containers and consumption of Alcohol 

    • The use of tobacco

    • Illegal drugs 

    • Staking of Tents is only allowed in grassy areas (must use weights/sandbags/water jugs) 

    • Holding of space (parking spots) 

    • Playing yard games in the driving/access lanes of parking lots. 

    • Illegal parking (driving/access lanes, sidewalks or curb line) 

    • Soliciting of any kind.  

    • Parking will open at 3:30 P.M. on game days.  

    • All items must be removed by kickoff. 

    • Items not removed will be discarded by SHS personnel. 

    • Parking is at the owner’s complete risk. 

    • Parking is on a first‐come, first‐served basis

    • Patrons must show a pass to park in “Reserve Parking” 

    • Loud music or speakers 


    We hope that you enjoy the game and your experience at Scotland High School. Go Scots!