• Dress Code Reminders:
    Please be mindful of our school dress policies:
    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be of reasonable length – at least as long as a child’s outstretched fingertips are held by their side (as well as tops worn over tights and/or leggings).
    • No clothing which reveals a child's midriff is allowed.
    • Sleeveless tops must be at least three fingertips wide. Spaghetti straps and any type of halter tops are not allowed. Muscle shirts with wide cutouts on the sides are not allowed.
    • Clothing with holes, tears, or "see-through" areas should follow the dress code as stated above. Therefore, no skin should be visible above the fingertip measurement.
    • For your child’s safety, shoes or sandals (even with socks) must have a back strap.
    Thank you for helping us to maintain a learning environment that is safe and free from distractions for all students.