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    The mission of Scotland High School is to foster leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity so our students will be responsible, successful, productive students.

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  • Attention Parents and Guardians!

    COVID 19 Parent Survey

    We are opening up our parent survey concerning your desire to either:


    1. Allow your child to come back to a hybrid instruction model of in person and remote learning

    2. Have your child remain on a 100% virtual platform for the remainder of the school year.  By choosing this, please understand that this choice is for the remainder of the year.


    If you have already filled out the survey and you do not wish to change your response, no action is required. 

    If the current climate of the pandemic has changed your position of returning vs. staying virtual, please fill out the survey again and we will allow this response to be your official choice and we will replace your previous survey submission. 

    Please submit one survey for every child in your care.


    Please submit survey by noon Friday, January 22nd. 


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  • January is Dominican Republic Heritage Month


    Click Here to view video highlighting Dominican Republic Heritage


    SGA is asking Everyone to wear bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange to represent the Dominican heritage on Friday, January 22, 2021.
    Each class will wear a specific color of the Dominican Republic flag, which is blue, white, and red.
    Blue represents liberty, white represents salvation, and red represents the blood of heroes. 
    The freshmen class will wear blue.
    The sophomore class will wear white.
    The junior class will wear red.
    The senior class will wear a combination of all the above colors.



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  • Playing the Admissions Game RCC


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  • Virtual Learning
    Virtual Learning to Continue 
    During their regular meeting on Monday, January 11, the Scotland County Schools Board of Education made the decision to delay the start of in-person instruction for students.
    Originally, the Board had hoped that students would be able to return to the classroom in the Plan B/Hybrid model on January 29. However, the latest COVID data from the Scotland County Health Department and the CDC shows a continued increase in cases and community spread.
    The Board also took into consideration when making their decision the increase in COVID hospitalization and ICU rates.
    The Board of Education will readdress the possible start of in-person instruction during their February 22 meeting. As always, our priority is and will remain the well-being and safety of our students and staff.

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  • Student Disabled Account Data Recovery Form
    Students have been repeatedly asked and reminded to discontinuing any account except their primary account which is their full   
    The deadline was October 31, 2020. Because of Covid and remote learning, we have delayed until the end of testing for Q1 and Q2. That day was January 13, 2021.  As of January 13, 2021, technology has disabled all student accounts except the one assigned to the student.
    In a effort to help students recover their drive information in extreme cases, we have a 30 day window to recover that data. After 30 days, this is an impossible feat.
    If the student fills out the following form, we may be able to transfer their data.

    Click Here to Complete Data Recovery Form

    We will not reactivate the old accounts. Instead, we will attempt to transfer the contents of their Google Drive. We cannot forward old emails to the students.

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  • Report Card

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  • Attention All Scots!

    With car wrapped in red bow with confetti

    Students can earn tickets for an opportunity to win a new car following these guidelines:

    1. Student must have an 85 or higher average in class at the end of the nine-week period and must have three or less absences.  An absences is an absence. It doesn’t matter if it is excused or not!

    2. Once a student meets these two requirements, they will earn a ticket for each class that meets these requirements.

    3. If a student receives an 85 or higher at the end of the semester and has perfect attendance, they will earn an additional ticket. 

    4. Students can earn up to 12 tickets if taking four classes.  The number of tickets could change if taking less than or more than four classes.

    *Earning tickets will be based on the second semester only.*


    **Please watch for more incentive plans to post.**


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  • Fighting Scotsman in kilt with sword
    SHS Week of Sports
    January 25 - 29
    Monday 1/25/2021
    JV/Varsity Soccer  (home)  vs. Jack Britt
    5:15pm & 7:00pm
    Tuesday 1/26/2021
    JV Boy's Basketball (home) vs. Purnell Swett
    Tuesday 1/26/2021 
    Varsity Girl's & Boy's Basketball (Away) vs. Purnell Swett
    5:00pm & 7:00pm
    Thursday 1/28/2021
    JV/Varsity Soccer (home) vs. Purnell Swett
    5:15pm & 7:00pm
    Friday 1/29/2021
    JV Boy's Basketball (Away) vs. Hoke
    Varsity Girl's/Boy's Basketball (home) vs. Hoke
    5:00pm & 7:00pm
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  • Congratulations

    Congratulations Madison Williams for signing a letter of intent with Johnson & Wales University for Cross Country.

    Signing letter of intent


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  • Congratulations

    Congratulations to senior, Zy'Mere Reddick, who signed a letter of intent to play football with Elon University. 

    signing letter of intent


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  • Congratulations!

    Stacey Cardona 2020 Winner Superintendent's Christmas Card Design


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  • Pennant and briefcase that reads "College & career"

    College & Career Advising for SHS Students and Parents


    Your one-stop-shop to learn about the college application process and life after high school!
    Click HERE !

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  • Stack of books with note to return books on time

    Attention RCC Students
    Your RCC textbooks must be returned to Scotland High School immediately after you complete your RCC final exams.  You can leave your books on the cart at the attendance window.  DO NOT leave your books at the Honeycutt Center or Covington Street Campus.  You will be financially responsible for textbooks not returned to SHS.  Please contact Dr. Powell if you have questions.

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  • School Reentry Toolkit:

     Click here for School Reentry Toolkit


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  • Ms. Grooms Class Meetings

    Host:  Jessica Grooms


    Video Address:

    Meeting Number: 120 779 6407


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  • Medicine vial with syringe

    Immunization for Meningitis 


    Extention until December 30

    There will be no extension given after this date. 

    Students will not be allowed on campus (testing, sports practices, etc.) if they don’t have the vaccines.  If they don’t have the vaccines after December 30, they would be marked absent each day until they get their vaccinations up to date (this is a state requirement).


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  • Join College Central on Canvas!

    Graduation Ceremony College Graduate University Clip Art, PNG ... 

    The road to college begins today, let us help you. 

    Join the College Central Canvas page today to view college updates, virtual college visits, SAT and ACT information, Scholarships and much more. 

    *Post this link in the internet browser:

    *To the right of the screen - click "Enroll in course"

    We look forward to seeing you there. 

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  • Image preview


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  • Scantron and pencil

    The following exams will take place

    at Scotland High School:

    • Accounting I (SEARCH)
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing I
    • Financial Planning I
    • Principles of Business and Finance
    • Public Safety I
    • Emergency Medical Technology I
    • Foundations of Health Science
    • Health Science I

     End of Course Tests (EOC's)

    • English II
    • Biology
    • Math I
    • Math III

      A state exam is required for these courses.

    Contact SHS with any questions.


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  • Roll of film Make-up Picture Day

    Underclassmen and Senior Make-up pictures have been rescheduled to the Spring semester. 


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  • Attention 9th and 10th Grade AIG Students 

    Please review the short video below if you are interested in taking college courses:  

     Play Video



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  • Blue Yearbook cover with picture of a school

    2020 Yearbooks Have Arrived!


    Students can pick up their Scotland High School 2019-2020 yearbook in the Front Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

    If you have not already purchased a yearbook, we have some copies available for $40 in the Front Office.


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  • Parking Permits Update

    Students that have paid for Parking Permits will get their money back if we don’t return to school.  If we do go to Plan B in January, students that have paid will receive a refund of $10.  The cost of parking is $10 per nine-weeks.


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  • Remote Learning Update 


    Remote Learning Update


    During the Monday, October 12 Board of Education meeting, in a 5-2 vote, the Board voted to continue with remote learning through the second nine-weeks of school. This means our students will continue with virtual learning through December 18, the end of the first semester. Meal pick-up and delivery will also continue throughout the second nine-weeks as well.
    If you have any questions, please call the school.

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  • ACT Test Dates

    Test Date


    Registration Deadline


    LATE Registration

    Late Fee Required



    December 12


    November 6


    November 7 - 20


    Scotland High School

    February 6


    January 8


    January 9 - 15


    Scotland High School

    April 17


    March 12


    March 13 - 26


    Scotland High School

    Contact College Central for your FEE WAIVER and for more information


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  • Scotland High School’s Nurse Canvas Page

    School Nurse with heart


    Students grades 9-12!
    Join Scotland High School’s Nurse Canvas page for announcements, health education, Covid-19 news and updates. You will be able to connect via google meet during posted times. 
    Join one of two ways below!
    This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course once you share with them this URL: Alternatively, they can sign up at and use the following join code: LFFBNB 

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  • Scotland County Schools Cafeteria Staff of the Year

    Scotland High School Cafeteria Staff

    SCS Cafeteria Staff of the Year


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  • Scotland County Schools Teacher of the Year

    Mr. Britton Goodwin

    Scotland High School

    Britton Goodwin SCS Teacher of the Year


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  •  Computer with "We can fix it" sign


    If your student is having any hardware or software issues with their device or technology, if they need help with their passwords, or if they have general technology issues, please start by calling:

    Tech Help Desk Hotline at 910-610-5481


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  • Daily Schedule








    8:00 – 9:10

     Block 1

     Block 1

     Block 1

     Block 1

     Block 1

    9:15 – 10:45

     Block 2

     Block 2

     Block 2

     Block 2

     Block 2

    10:50 – 12:20

     Block 3

     Block 3

     Block 3

     Block 3

     Block 3

    12:20 – 1:05






    1:10 – 2:40

     Block 4

     Block 4

     Block 4

     Block 4

     Block 4

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  • Blue and white tutoring sign


    Tutoring is available for all students from 3:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. on the following days:

    Monday - CTE and History

    Tuesday - Foreign Language & English

    Wednesday - Math, ROTC, Fine Arts

    Thursday - PE & Science


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  • Attention Students & Parents:

    These are the 5 Non-Negotiables for Distance Learning and Engagement.

    1.    BE ON TIME--try to log in a minute or two early.


    3.    Find a QUIET PLACE and NOTIFY YOUR HOUSEMATES that you are "going live" online.

    4.    Mind your VIDEO PRESENCE.  (This means: COMPLY WITH DRESS CODE, REMAIN UPRIGHT (seated or standing) with your FACE VISIBLE, and have an APPROPRIATE BACKGROUND.)

    5.    Use APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE, show RESPECT FOR EVERYONE in the meeting, and only offer FOCUSED CHAT.

    REMEMBER: You are IN CLASS, so the same rules apply!


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  •  Student FAQ Sheet for 2020-2021 


    Parent & Students Please take a look at our Student FAQ Sheet, for questions such as "Will attenance be taken everyday?"

    Student FAQ Sheet



    Remote Learning

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's




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    The Sandhills Region 4th Level Math Curriculum Guides 

    Sandhills Region HS 4th



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    Attention Class of 2021


    It is time to start planning for college.  This document contains college planning and application resources.  Click the document  below to access resources


    SHS Counseling Resources



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  • Athletic Hall of Fame


     Hall of Fame Link Click Here:


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    While supplies last


    1990 - 2005   $5.00


    2006 - 2011   $10.00


    2013 - 2016   $15.00


    2017 - 2019   $25.00


    Some years not available


    1989, 1991, 1992,1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2009, 2012, 2017 & 2018


    Please contact the front office @ 910-276-7370


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