• Scotland High School Counseling Department

    SHS Counseling Department Vision

    SHS school counselors advocate for every student and use data-driven programming to promote academic success and individual success. Our core belief is that all students can learn and will learn when provided with the appropriate support and academic advising. 

    SHS Counseling Department Mission Statement

    SHS counselors provide students with a comprehensive school program based on the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) model for student success. We work closely with students to encourage them to reach their highest level of student achievement by addressing their academic, career, and personal/social needs. SHS school counselors assist all students with reaching their academic goals, becoming lifelong learners, and developing skills to become caring, respectful, responsible citizens.  SHS counselors will collaborate with administration, parents, teachers, and community organizations to promote student success and opportunities. 

    Appointment Procedures

    Students can request to meet with their counselor through multiple means.  Students can email, call, or complete the Google Appointment Request form in the Counselor's Canvas page.  Students must ghave a pass from teachers for visits to counelors during class time.  Parents can email counselors to schedule appointments. SHS counselors will make sure they respond to students and parents in a timely manner.

    SHS Counselor Assignment by Student Last Name

    Cindy Chavis


    910-276-7370 ext. 43034

    Liz Stubbs


    910-276-7370 ext. 43035

    Patricia Powell-Patrick


    910-276-7370 ext.43025

    Kendra Pegues


    910-276-7370 ext. 43033

    Registrar-student enrollments and transfers

    Whitney Graves           wgraves2@scotland.k12.nc.us                               910-276-7370 ext.43015