• 1. Enrollment ChecklistInbound Student Checklist - This will guide you through all the paperwork you will need to provide as part of the enrollment process. 

    2. Medical Documentation - Any student who is attending a NC Public School for the first time must submit a N.C. Health Assessment Form. Students also need to provide proof of immunizations signed by a physician. You can have your current physician complete the Health Assessment and print your immunizations prior to arrival in N.C. All kindergarten students must have the health assessment form completed within 30 days of enrollment. 

    NC Health Assessment Form 

    Required Immunizations

     3. Gifted, IEP, and 504 Services - If your child has been identified as gifted or received any kind of specialized instruction through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, we will need copies of the documentation that makes the identification, full IEP/504 plan, and associated testing including medical testing. Elementary students with IEPs may be assigned to a school outside their districted area if their needs will be better served on a different campus. If you have questions about services for students with an IEP, please reach out to Corinna Wilkins, EC Facilitator, at 910.462.2111.