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    Who do I call with questions regarding use of school facilities? Please contact David L. (Dave) Wells at (910) 277-4459 ext. 345

    What are the charges for using school facilities?

    Wagram is billed at $55.00 per hour with a minimum rental of two hours. Carver, Laurel Hill, Spring Hill and Sycamore Lane are billed at $75.00 per hour. Scotland High School rentals are billed at $125.00 per hour and $175.00 per hour if the auditorium is used. This charge includes a custodian, utilities and, at Scotland High School, security and light and sound technician.

    Do I have to pay for set-up and clean up time?

    YES. The hours requested on the application are the hours that your group has permission to use/occupy school facilities and should reflect set-up, rehearsal, program and cleanup times.

    Who pays for the custodian after the event is over?

    Users are billed per hour for each rental. These billed hours cover the cost of a custodian. If the custodian must stay after the rental time expires, his/her services will be billed to the user at

    $21.00 per hour.

    When is payment due?

    Payment for all school rentals is due 7 days before the event. Rentals not paid in advance will be canceled.

    Who do I make the check payable to and where do I send it?

    Make the check payable to Scotland County Schools and send it to: Scotland County Schools

    Dr. Adell Baldwin - Chief Operations Officer

    322 South Main St. Laurinburg, NC 28352


    How do I cancel the event/rental?

    Cancellation notice must be received in the Community Schools office 48 hours prior to the event or rental fees will not be refunded. It is the responsibility of the user to contact the individual school of cancellation.


    Can the custodian volunteer his/her time for the event

    To comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, custodians or other school employees may not volunteer their time for a rental.


    What happens, for example, if I only use the building for two hours and I paid to rent the building for three?

    As payment is due prior to the rental, any refunds for a rental will be at the discretion of the

     School System and based on the timesheets submitted by school personnel working the event.


    Can I use the kitchen as part of my cafeteria rental?

    Use of the kitchen is not included as part of the rental. To have access to the kitchen requires that

    a kitchen staff member is on-site. Their time is billed at $21.00 per hour.


    Scotland County Schools

    322 South Main Street

    Laurinburg, NC 28352