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  • Title I


    The Federally Funded Title I Program currently serves eight schools – six elementary and two middle schools.  The schools utilize supplemental federal funds to “improve the academic achievement of disadvantaged students.”  Each school maintains school-wide Title I status.  This allows all students to benefit from extra teacher support as well as enjoy a wide array of services and activities planned and implemented throughout the school year.

    Areas of focus in the Title I Program include emphases on reading and math remediation, parent involvement, professional development for all staff members, supporting school improvement strategies, and financing the procurement of school supplies and equipment to include computers.  Schools not achieving the needed academic status may be classified as focus or priority which means more targeted intervention from the district and from the state.  Currently, Scotland County Schools has no focus or priority schools.  We do have two schools which are classified as low-performing – Carver Middle and I. Ellis Johnson Elementary.  Both of these schools are working with district leaders to make the strides necessary to change their status.



    Title II


    The federally funded Title II program is intended to enhance the quality of instruction in classrooms across the district.  It targets new teachers and assists in keeping all teachers up-to-date in their licensed areas.  Opportunities for staff development for teachers and administrators, mentor support for new teachers, and educational reimbursement for advanced degrees and license areas are all part of the Title II grant funding.  This is an annually awarded grant.