• PowerSchool is the student information system used by North Carolina since the 2013/2014 school year. It houses all aspects of student data including demographics, grades, attendance, etc.   One of its many great features is the Parent Portal module that gives parents and students access to grades and teacher assignments via online.

    The following frequently asked questions are designed to help families become familiar with and use HomeBase Parent Portal.


    Can I access Parent Portal before I register my child at a school?
    No. You must first complete the registration of your child at a school. You must have an Access ID and password for each of your students. The school can provide those to you when you register your child.

    Can someone else gain access or change my information?
    No. Each family will receive an Access ID and password for each student which will be used to create the parent account. Please protect this information.

    What do I do if I have forgotten/misplaced my user name and/or password?
    The URL for Parent Portal will give directions on how to reset a password.

    Will Parent Portal replace the need for parent/teacher conferences?
    No. It is still important to meet with your child’s teachers.

    Does it cost anything to use Parent Portal?
    There is no cost to use Parent Portal, but you will need a computer with Internet access. Computers are available at public library branches.

    Can I change my personal and contact information online?
    No, information must be given to the school registrar.

    What do I do if information on Parent Portal is incorrect?
    Contact your child’s school to discuss information you believe is inaccurate. Teachers should be the first contact for grading concerns.

    What is the web address for the Parent Portal? 

    Is there a tutorial available on how to use the Parent Portal?
    Absolutely!  Please >>Click Here<<