•         WELCOME TO FINANCE                                       

    Kevin Combs, Special Assistant to the Superintendent

    Email kcombs@scotland.k12.nc.us   Business  910-277-4459 ext 333


    , Assistant Financial Officer

    Email @scotland.k12.nc.us   Business  910-277-4459 ext 330


    M. Victoria Blue,  Finance Specialist

    Email  mblue@scotland.k12.nc.us   Business 910-277-4459 ext 326


    Vicky Jones McNeill,  Accounts Payable

    Email  vmcneill@scotland.k12.nc.us  Business 910-277-4459 ext 328


    Clarissa Harris,  Payroll Specialist

    Email  charris@scotland.k12.nc.us  Business 910-277-4459 ext 334


    Tennillia Oxendine,  Payroll Specialist

    Email  toxendine@scotland.k12.nc.us  Business 910-277-4459 ext 329 


    Aimee Barfield Williams,  Benefits' Specialist

    Email  abarfield@scotland.k12.nc.us  Business 910-277-4459 ext 327