LeGrand visits SJES Class

Dr. LeGrand visits South Johnson Elementary 1st & 2nd Grade Blended Class

As part of their studies about National Women’s History Month, the blended 1st and 2nd grade class of Ms. Chaka Davis-Smith (South Johnson Elementary School) invited Scotland County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Takeda LeGrand to their class. The students had 8 questions prepared to ask Dr. LeGrand, on a variety of topics regarding Dr. LeGrand’s personal and professional life. Ms. Davis-Smith explained to the class that Dr. LeGrand has made history here in Scotland County, serving as the first African-American, Female Superintendent for the district. Dr. LeGrand shared her educational background with the students and encouraged them to follow their dream, but focus now on learning as much as they can every day. After the question and answer session, Dr. LeGrand followed the students into the hallway to recite nonsense words.  Nonsense words are made-up words that follow phonetic rules and can be pronounced, yet have no dictionary definition or meaning. They could be referred to as "silly words", "pseudowords", "non-words", "alien words", or "monster words", depending on the classroom setting. The students practice with the goal of reciting all the words listed in less than 1minute.