• Welcome to Scotland County Schools.

    Thank you for your interest in Scotland County Schools and our North Carolina Report Card.   The annual North Carolina School Report Card offers ways for Scotland County Schools’ stakeholders to learn more about our school district.  The school report cards contain a myriad of information including student performance, class size, attendance, school safety, instructional resources and teacher quality in our schools. 

    Additionally, each school in the state receives a letter grade of A, B, C, D or F.  School Performance Grades are included on the North Carolina School Report Cards (www.ncpublicschools.org/src) under the School Performance Section.    The School Performance Grades are based 80 percent on the school’s achievement score (student proficiency) and 20 percent on students’ academic growth.   Elementary and middle schools’ achievement scores are based only on test scores. These include end-of-grade reading and mathematics tests at the 3-8 grade levels; an end-of-grade science test at grades 5 and 8, and if applicable, end-of-course tests in Math I and Biology.  The high school achievement score is based on student performance on Math I, English II and Biology end-of-course tests, and on the percentage of students who score 17 or above on The ACT (UNC System’s minimum composite score requirement), the percentage of students who achieve a Silver Certificate or better on the ACT WorkKeys, the percentage of students who successfully complete Math III, and the school’s four-year cohort graduation rate.   

    While we are encouraged with the progress our schools have been making, there is always room for improvement.   Using student data as our guide, we have programs and strategies in place to ensure that all of our students have the tools needed to be successful and that we continue to ‘grow greatness’ in our district.  To this end, I encourage you to stay involved at your child’s school and with Scotland County Schools.  Together, we can ensure that all of our students have the foundation to follow their dreams.

    Dr. Takeda LeGrand, Superintendent


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