• Plant Operations and Maintenance Department


    MISSION STATEMENT: Employees of the Scotland County Schools Plant Operations and Maintenance Department will strive to operate and maintain the facilities occupied by the faculty, staff and students in Scotland County Schools in a manner that effectively assures a safe, clean, sanitary, attractive and efficient educational environment.

    The plant operations and maintenance program provides personnel, equipment and supplies to maintain facilities in a safe, sanitary, attractive and efficient condition. In order to protect the investment of public funds, it is vital that an effective plant operations and maintenance program be followed.

    The employees in the maintenance department recognize the importance of the plant operations and maintenance program and they take their responsibility seriously. An efficient and smooth working facility contributes to the success of the educational process and, in many instances, the appearance and operation of a school and its grounds may be a factor in the formation of public attitudes toward the success of the school system.

    Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, and Central Office Administrators usually request maintenance services. Work orders can be requested and generated on line at The maintenance director prioritizes the requested services and assigns work orders to the maintenance staff according to the guide for requesting maintenance services.


    Tommy Zydor, Director