• Employee Benefits


    Available to all permanent, full-time employees working 30 hours or more per week


    • NC STATE HEALTH PLAN:  For additional information contact the State Health Plan at 1-800-234-2416 or visit the website at http://www.shpnc.org/.
    • OPTIONAL BENEFITS PLAN: Offered yearly during a specified open enrollment period. Provides opportunity to select pre-tax benefit plans including: Cancer, Heart Plan, Dental, Vision, Accident Plan, Gap Plan, as well as Un-reimbursed Medical and Dependent Care Expenses. Other benefits offered not tax sheltered include: Critical Illness, Disability, Life Insurance and Prepaid Legal. All new full-time employees have thirty days after their date of hire to sign up for a term life insurance policy. For additional information you may contact Pierce Group at 1-888-662-7500 or visit the website at http://www.piercegroupbenefits.com.
    • ANNUAL LEAVE: Employees earn annual leave/vacation leave on a scale based on total years of state service. Annual leave includes both scheduled and unscheduled leave days. All unscheduled annual leave must be approved by the immediate supervisor. Employees can accumulate up to thirty (30) days with excess converting to sick leave on June 30. Note: Prior approval is required.
    • SICK LEAVE: Employees earn one day per month. Sick leave accumulates indefinitely

    • LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITH PAY: Jury duty, certain court attendance, and up to fifteen (15) days of military leave per year.
    • LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITHOUT PAY: Parental leave (for birth or adoption of child), educational leave, or any other reasons approved the Board of Education.
    • HOLIDAYS: 10 or 11 scheduled each year for full-time and part-time employees.
    • 401(K)/457 PLANS: The North Carolina Supplemental Retirement Plans consist of the NC 401(k) Plan, the NC 457 Plan. The NC 401(k) Plan is a tax-qualified, defined contribution plan under Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. The NC 457 Plan is an eligible defined contribution plan under Section 457(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. The NC 401(k) Plan and the NC 457 Plan are single plans that are sponsored by the State of North Carolina and that have multiple participating employers. The NC 401(k) and NC 457 Plans are administered by the Department of State Treasurer and the Supplemental Retirement Board of Trustees.  For additional information call 1-866-627-5267 or visit the website at https://www.retirement.prudential.com 
    • TAX SHELTERED ANNUITIES: Included in this benefit are 403B, 457 and Roth. Plan with Ease is the administrator for this benefit. Contact them at 1-866-499-3273 or visit the website at http://www.planwithease.com 
    • RETIREMENT: Mandatory 6% is withheld from all full-time employees' payroll checks for the North Carolina State Retirement System. Refund of contributions or a direct rollover to an IRA is available upon resignation from the school system. For additional information, contact the Retirement System at 1-877-627-3287 or visit the website at http://www.myncretirement.com
    • TERM LIFE INSURANCE: A $10,000 term life insurance policy is provided at no cost to the employee.
    • DEATH BENEFIT: After one year of service under the NC State Retirement System, death benefit is paid to beneficiary equaling employee's annual salary (minimum of $25,000 and maximum of $50,000). Employee must have been paid salary within the last 180 days.
    • DISABILITY INCOME PLAN: A comprehensive short-term and long-term plan is provided at the employer's expense for employees who meet appropriate state service requirements.
    • WORKERS' COMPENSATION: All public school employees are entitled to receive Workers Compensation under the North Carolina Workers Compensation Act. Employees must have suffered an accidental injury or contracted an occupation disease in the course of employment to be eligible for medical payments, compensation for lost salary, or death benefits under this program.
    • CREDIT UNION: All employees employed by the Scotland County Schools may join the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union. Payroll deductions for savings or loans are available. Contact the local credit union at 910-277-0569 or visit the website at www.ncsecu.org
    • DIRECT DEPOSIT: All employees are eligible for direct deposit to the bank of their choice.


      Available to teachers only (Partial Pay Benefits)

    • EXTENDED SICK LEAVE: Up to twenty days per year for personal illness after accumulated sick leave is exhausted with appropriate medical documentation. A $50.00 per day deduction applies.
    • PERSONAL LEAVE: Two days earned per year, with up to five days accumulating. A $50.00 per day deduction applies.

    Available to permanent employees working at least four (4) hours per day: