• Vision Statement:  Scotland County School AIG Program vision, reflects the commitment to help all students reach their full potential regardless of family background, socioeconomic level, disabilities, or gender. The AIG program is built on a strong foundation of collaboration among parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community members to implement and achieve success. Our purpose is to prepare students to be productive citizens in a global society.


    Mission Statement: Scotland County Schools AIG Program, identifies giftedness, nurtures students' talents, and inspires students to seek new knowledge.  Through challenging programs, students are provided opportunities to collaborate with peers, to ask profound questions about the past, current and future innovations and to be creative. We support the participation of all gifted learners of all backgrounds in the Scotland County Schools AIG program, to build and sustain a strong community.


    Program Goals: 

    • Utilize a range of assessment instruments to recognize the students who are AIG within the Scotland  County School System. 

    • Provide opportunities for enrichment for AIG learners. 

    • Provide an array of service options to meet the diverse needs of the students who are recognized as AIG in the Scotland County School System. 

    • Provide opportunities for talent development of high-achieving students 

    • Provide on-going professional development opportunities for all Scotland County educators of AIG  students. 

    • Prepare educational personnel to meet the diversity of AIG learners for the 21st Century, i.e.  differentiation, problem-based learning and social-emotional needs. 

    • Create and extend opportunities for parents and community involvement with AIG learners.  Monitor the success of services for AIG learners in meeting identified student needs. Evaluate the various components of the AIG program to facilitate continuous improvement.  Collaborate with regular educators to improve the learning experience for all students.