1. How can I see vacancies for Scotland County Schools.  Go to www.scotland.k12.nc.us and click on employment on the left side of the page.
    2. How often are vacancies updated on your webpage? Vacancies are updated daily.  Visitors to our webpage will have the most up to date vacancy list daily.
    3. How can I determine if I am qualified to be a teacher in Scotland County Schools?  You can contact Ms. Kathy Covington, Licensure Specialist, at 910-277-1138 to set up an appointment to go over your transcript.
    4.  How do I become a substitute for Scotland County Schools?  You must have at least a High School Diploma and the Effective Teacher Training if you do not have a NC Teaching Certification.

    5.  How do i get the Effective Teacher Training? Click on Departments, Human Resources and then Substitute Information.  Read the instructions and it provides the link to purchase the Effective Teacher Training.

    6. Who needs to submit a Criminal Background Check with Scotland County Schools?  Anybody that will be dealing directly with students and/or chaperoning on a field trip

    7. What is the process to apply for a job? Complete an application on the NCDPI website and submit a cover letter and resume' to the principal at the school.

    8.  What is my username and password for SubFinder?  Your username is your last name only and your password is your 5 digit TACS #.

    9.  How many Annual Leave days does a Beginning Teacher receive in a year?  11.5 Annual Leave days