• NCDPI Renewal Requirements


    Renewal Credits FAQs:

    How do I check my CEUs?

    CEUs for renewal are housed in LINQ (where you sign in for Timekeeper).  Go to https://www.scotland.k12.nc.us and click on "Staff Links" in the upper right corner.  Click on the Time Keeper link and log in using your personal login information.  On the left under "Employee Profile", you will see "CEUs".  You will need to click this link to view your CEU history.

    How do I read my CEU history?

    Your current CEUs are listed on the Current Line.  The Current Line is what is used to determine if you have satisfied your licensure renewal requirements.  The start and end dates are the dates of your license renewal cycle.  The end date is the date your license expires.  Each category for CEUs is listed across the top in blue. 

    I am in need of CEUs. What is being offered?

    You have access to FREE professional development courses through IAM/NCEdCloud? (Available to all NC Public and Charter School Teachers/Admins)

    Follow these simple steps to access our course directory: 

    • Log in to your IAM/NCEdCloud account
    • Click on the "blue P" to access NCEES
    • Click the Professional Development link on the top menu

    This path will take you to a wide variety of FREE courses available to you. Check them out today! All courses are self-enrolled and self-paced.

    You may also visiNC Virtual's Professional Learning page for additional information on accessing our FREE professional development.

    I took a course, but it is not showing in my CEU history? 

    You will need to check with your District Instructional Facilitator (DIF) if the professional development occurred at the school - those CEUs are entered by the DIF.  For any other professional development that has been completed outside of the school building and submitted to Licensure through LINQ/Timekeeper, those will be reviewed for approval by Karen Chavis in HR. (See document “Steps for Submitting CEUs for Approval”)

    What if I took courses outside of SCS?

    You must submit your certificate of completion, transcripts, or badges to Karen Chavis through LINQ/Timekeeper.(See “Steps for Submitting CEUs for Approval”

    I have CEUs that I earned in another county or state. How do I have them added to my CEU history with CCS?

    Please send a copy of the CEU history to Karen Chavis in Human Resources.  You can send this information by email to kchavis@scsnc.org.

    I took college courses and want to use them for CEUs, what do I do?  

    If you completed courses or a degree within your current license cycle, you will submit transcripts (officials are needed and must contain your name and the college name) through LINQ/Timekeeper. (See “Steps for Submitting CEUs for Approval”).

    Contact Karen Chavis if you have additional questions at (910) 276-1138 ext. 306.