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    Scotland County Schools, in accordance with the N.C. State Board of Education Policy TCED-016, shall implement a Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP) for beginning teachers.  The direct and primary goal of the Scotland County Schools' Beginning Teacher Support Program is to provide initially licensed teachers in Scotland County, intensive guidance and support in their first three years of teaching.  This support allows teachers to successfully integrate collegiate training and past work experiences to develop and improve the skills necessary to become highly qualified teachers.  The Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP) offers a new teacher orientation training which is accompanied by a three-year induction/support period.  Teachers are assigned a trained mentor; attend regularly scheduled research-based training seminars, and receive on-going classroom support to help them become proficient and accomplished educators.

    2022-2023 New Teacher Orientation (Required of All Year 1 BT Status Teachers)

    Tuesday, August 9, 2022- Thursday, August 11, 2022 @ Scotland High School Media Center 8:30 a.m. - 4 :00 p.m.

    The remaining 2 days will be held in the respective school building with the school administrator - Dates TBD by the school administrator

    **Late Hires (hired after summer orientation dates) will be required to complete the virtual New Teacher Orientation within 2 weeks of the hire date and submit a certificate of completion to Karen Chavis in HR

    Link To NCDPI New Teacher Orientation

    2022-2023 New Teacher Monthly Meetings (Required of all Year 1 BT Status Teachers) 





    September 15, 2022

    Scotland High School

    Ms. Dewanda Bryant, EC Program Specialist/Classroom Management

    October 13, 2022


    Ms. Dewanda Bryant/EC Program Specialist/Verbal De-Escalation

    November 17, 2022

    Scotland High School

    Dr. Denise Hunt, NCNTSP – Designing Engaging Formative Assessments

    January 19, 2023


    NCTOY/Mid-Year Survey

    Week of February 13-17, 2023

    Virtual Meetings (Will be Scheduled Based on License Type)

    Mrs. Karen Chavis/Licensure Requirements & Reminders

    March 16, 2023

    Scotland High School

    Dr. Denise Hunt, NCNTSP – Ending on a High Note

    May 18, 2023

    Scotland High School

    Mrs. Karen Chavis/End-of-Year Closing Comments and Reminders/End-of-Year Survey


    State and Local Board Policies

    N.C. State Board of Education Policies

    Scotland County Schools Board Policies

    NC SBE Policy - Code of Ethics for NC Educators

    Restraint and Seclusion House Bill

    Scotland County Schools Board Policy - Staff/Student Relations

    Scotland County Schools Board Policy - Employee Use of Social Media


    Scotland County Schools Beginning Teacher Resources

    Scotland County Schools Beginning Teacher Extra-Curricular Duties Request

    NCDPI Beginning Teacher Support Resources

    Educational Acronyms

    Kahn Academy

    Game-based formative assessment tools

    These are tools that enable you to create game-based activities to boost students learning and collect key feedback about students performance. Tools such as QuizletKahootBlooket, and Quizalize are ideal for designing such activities.
    Licensure Testing Information
    Pearson NC Website - http://www.nc.nesinc.com for Elementary and EC-General Curriculum test information

    ETS Website - https://www.ets.org/praxis/nc for NC SBE approved Praxis tests

    N.C. State Board of Education Licensing Testing Requirements


    Tuition and Licensure Exam Reimbursement

    CLICK HERE for Tuition and Licensure Test Reimbursement Information