We are very excited to offer new training for all of our Substitute 
    Teachers in Scotland County.  This will be mandatory training (if you do not have the Effective Teacher Training) in order to be an approved substitute teacher .  
    Once you have completed this training course you will be given a certificate of 
    completion which will need to be printed and turned into the Human Resources Department.

    The training is $49.00 for the complete course which allows you to review 
    the course as many times as you feel necessary.  You will go to the 
    following link to purchase the Scotland County Schools Substitute Teacher 
    Training.  **Note:  You will only be allowed to take the quizzes for the course 3 times if you have failed.  If you have failed the quiz 3 times then you will not be allowed to substitute. 

    Once you have successfully completed the course or have completed the course in the past, you will need to go to the Scotland County Schools Board Of Education’s Human Resources Department to pick up a substitute packet.  Substitute Packets will not be given to individuals without the certificate of completion.
    If you need further assistance, please contact Priscilla Tyson at 910-277-4459 ext. 304 or ptyson@scotland.k12.nc.us.