• Substitute Frequently asked Questions/Issues


    Is there a certain amount of hours that retired teachers can work? If so what happens when they have to stay over for a late bus? It depends, if you are retired from the state of NC, you cannot work over 29.5 hours per week.  Additionally, state retirees should check with state retirement to see how much money they can earn in the year.  In Scotland County, to protect retired NC state retirees, they do not work more than 29.5 hours per week. 


    What is the protocol for school shootings or emergencies? Each school has plans for these types of situations.  Please talk with school administrators concerning their protocol. 


    When you are working from 7:45-2:45 and your students leave at 2:30 can I leave? Full day substitutes work 8 hours per day and ½ day substitutes work 4 hours per day.


    Are teacher titles up to date in Aesop? HR continously updates teacher titles throughout the year 


    What should a substitute do, when they don’t have access to the school building during the school day while substituting for a PE class that is outside? (Badge Concern) Scotland County Schools does not give badges to Substitutes.  If you are substituting for a teacher who uses outdoor facilities, please make sure that you communicate with school personnel concerning enter and exit strategies.


    Can substitutes have access to Chrome books or laptops? Especially when teachers have left assignments to be completed on the laptop or chrome book and the substitute can’t monitor what the students are doing on the devices?  The school should work with the substitute to make sure that everything that is needed for the classroom is in place and ready for the teaching learning process to continue without the teacher present


    What happens if two substitutes show up for the same job? This is a situation that needs to be avoided, but if this does happen, the school should keep both substitutes for the day. The school might have one of the substitutes do other activities during the day.  If substitutes do not want to stay, they will not be paid.


    What should i do if i have a question about my paycheck? Please contact Scotland County Schools finance department.